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2019 Flipping Condors Fundraiser
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We are the NorCal Condors (AKA Northern California United Men’s Collegiate Gymnastics Team). We are starting our third season and the trend continues: our team is growing. More student-athletes is GREAT news for us AND for collegiate gymnastics all over the country.

You may be aware, or will be in a moment, that NorCal Condors is a "self-funded" gymnastics team. NO financial support comes from ANY of the Universities attended by our student-athletes. We rely entirely on the hard work and dedication of team staff and student-athletes, and the generosity of our friends and family. SO… we work for our money. In this case ‘work’ means: flip.

It’s similar to a “cartwheel-a-thon” that many gymnastics schools in the country do, but we are a college team, so we are taking it up a notch. YOU have an opportunity to sponsor our team as we pledge to do a stupid amount of back flips throughout the month of November.

Your sponsorship today will offset some of our operating expenses (uniform and travel) for our team to compete against some of the best teams in the country. This competitive year we are facing Washington, Arizona, Penn State, Stanford (current NCAA national champions, by the way) and others.

Last year our team qualified to USA Gymnastics National Collegiate Championships at Navy. This year, we hope to take our boys once again all the way to nationals, in Chandler Arizona. Help us get there.

Each donation, even a small one, counts and brings us closer to our dream. Thank you!



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