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Yordan Aleksandrov Road to Tokyo 2020
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My name is Yordan Aleksandrov and I am 23 years old. I have been a competitive gymnast for 16 years. I am currently a Senior at UC Berkeley and am studying Media Studies. For the last 4 years I have competed for the Cal Men's Gymnastics Team and am a two-time All American. In addition to competing for Cal, I have also represented my home nation Bulgaria in a number of international level competitions. I have competed in 4 World Championships and 5 European Championships. Back in 2015 I missed out qualifying to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro by a small margin, and have been working extremely hard to achieve my Olympic dream.

All of the funds collected in this campaign will be used to help me in my preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The road to Tokyo will go through the upcoming 2018 World Championships in Qatar, the 2019 European Championships in Poland, and the 2019 World Championships in Germany. Some of the expenses will include travel to competitions, medical expenses, equipment, food and nutrition, etc.

As I am no longer a student athlete at UC Berkeley, I am responsible for all of my training related expenses and needs. I am extremely thankful for the ways in which the university and the Cal Men's Gymnastics program has supported me and helped me throughout the last four years. Any funds would be greatly accepted and appreciated.

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